Biometric Documents Consultant is your number one provider for business immigration and second passport services.

Our Immigration team consists of experts who specialize in empowering individuals and families to become Residents and Citizens of different countries. Our well reputable legal team carries almost two decades of extensive experience and recognition in the immigration industry for providing admirable advice and support. Considering our specialization is in second passports, residencies and business investor programs, we have developed a state of the art fully automated work flow portal which provides system generated auto e-mails and a full fledged processing department. The entire work flow from the first visit of a potential client to the finalization of their case is carried via our online portal. We have full proof reminder notifications which are also system generated and this prevents clients from forgetting deadlines and/or delaying submission of required documents and information as and when required. Our well-trained, experienced and professional team is there to guide each client through every step ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

At Biometric Documentation, we provide a broad spectrum of management consultancy services in investment immigration and wealth management for a multinational, high net worth clientele, while ensuring our clients have access to a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions of alternative citizenship and residency by investment programs, wealth and asset management, and international real estate development. Our extensive global network of authorised and regulated partners, agents, and representatives, with whom we cooperate to provide the highest quality of service, allows us to provide smooth and hassle-free immigration procedures with timely approval of client applications.


  • A well-trained and experienced staff ready to handle your cases in a timely fashion.
  • The biggest immigration processing department in the Middle East, with dedicated sub-units for specialized requirements.
  • Up to ten times more submissions and approvals than any other immigration consultancy firm in the region.
  • The highest number of immigration files submitted from a single location.


Before acquiring the services of an immigration adviser, it is important to understand the difference between a Regulated Immigration Adviser and an unauthorized provider of immigration services. Regulated Immigration Advisers are required to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. Authorized Representatives (AR) have the training, experience, and the professional knowledge to assist immigration clients effectively.

ARs are accountable to their respective regulators, and are required to abide by the regulator’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. E.g. as RCICs, Immigration Consultants are regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council [ICCRC], and are governed by the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics.

Additionally, CAPIC members are subject to a robust set of CAPIC By-laws and Code of Ethics. There will be numerous benefits associated with utilizing the services of a Regulated Adviser and serious risks associated with utilizing the services of these unauthorized providers.

If you are looking to obtain the services from a RCIC, look at the Council’s list of members to ensure he or she is regulated by the Council - if his or her name is not on the list, he or she is NOT authorized. The up-to-date list will be accessible on the Council’s website.

Why Choose Biometric Documents?

We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting the right investment-based citizenship or residency program. Citizenship Bay is the only firm to offer all of the following to its clients:
  •  A multilingual team of consultants
  •  An impeccable track record of success
  •  Moneyback guarantee (If your application is denied, you pay us nothing)
  •  Free consultation, pre-screening, and assessment
  •  Unmatched confidentiality standards
  •  A customer-centric approach
  •  Experience working with clients of all backgrounds and nationalities
Want to learn more about how we can help you obtain residency or citizenship by investment in one of our world-renowned programs? Contact us today.