Identification Card

ID requirements for licenses and identification cards

Identification and documentation you will need if you are applying for a driver’s license.

Why ID cards Required?

U.S. National ID Card for Proof of Identity

Some instances of original documents that have a photo and may be used as proof of individuality include:

  • an ID card or driver’s license issued by any official government
  • a valid passport, nexus card or permanent resident card
  • Unacceptable identification

The following types are not accepted as proof of identity:

  • debit and credit cards or cheque cashing cards
  • Social Insurance Number cards
  • interim or temporary driver’s licences
  • business and organization membership cards

Lost your ID

If your ID is lost, stolen, destroyed or you cannot present enough identification to have a driver licence or ID card issued to you, a registry agent can help you.

You may be asked doubts that only you will know the answer to, or you may be asked to provide documents which you have.

A registry agent not able to issue you a driver’s licence or identification card unless they are fully satisfied that you are a genuine person.

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