Our team assists wealthy clients & high-net-worth investors from all over the world with second citizenship & passports.


    Our network of global contacts means you won’t find a cheaper and faster way of securing a second citizenship.


    We work directly with Government representatives to deliver a fast & secure process of acquiring your second citizenship & passport.


    We offer more Citizenship By Investment & Second Passport Programs than any other provider.

Biometric Documents consultant are the world-wide market leaders in the procurement of second passports and dual citizenship for high net-worth individuals from the business and investment world. Each year more and more frustrated businesspeople whose passport restricts their commercial opportunities turn to Global consultant for their long-respected expertise and hands-on assistance in achieving their dream of second citizenship and economic freedom.

Each year the amount of countries offering Citizenship by Investment programs increases, while the demand for second passports grows, creating what should be a mutually-beneficial market in which all participants are happy. Global consultant have become the perfect intermediary to ensure this is the case.

Established in Guatemala City & Geneva Switzerland in 2004 but now expanded to offices around the globe including Head Office in Guatemala City, Geneva Switzerland, New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore & Moscow. Global consultant have long been established as the website individuals choose when they want results with a worldwide network of lawyers, bankers and diplomats needed to guarantee their clients always acquire what is the Ultimate Symbol of Freedom, a second passport to a country of their choice.



Citizenship Invest is an approved citizenship processing firm licensed by the various Governments represented. The company is one of the selected few approved firms worldwide to process citizenship applications. Our status has been granted following thorough due diligence and based on our proven performance with various Governments throughout the years.

Our Clients

Our clients range from billionaires ranked in the top 500 Forbes list, business people with well-established renowned companies, politicians, entrepreneurs, C-Level executives to clients who have never held a nationality per se, or are stateless and saved for years to secure their family’s future. With us every case is unique and given the same level of respect and dedication. We thrive to have clients leaving our office with their new passports in their hand and a big smile on their face.


We have helped clients from different backgrounds, and facing several challenging situations, to obtain a second citizenship. We got immersed in their stories of triumphs and tribulations and successfully guided their path towards a second nationality. We witnessed how their lives changed radically and we would like to share some of these stories with you. A stateless Kuwaiti who became a TV presenter, a Tunisian who invested in her career to become an international musical performer, CEOs, company owners who expanded abroad. All of them did this with the help of his second passport. Read their stories here.

Our Team

The company's Board of Directors possesses a combined experience in tier one management consultancy, foreign government relations, dual citizenship law and real estate investment across Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA. Our highly-qualified professionals work together as one team in multiple offices worldwide and are renowned in the global immigration arena.